1821 McKinley Street
Bay City, MI 48708
Tel: (989) 894-2744
FAX: (989) 266-8217

Dr. Bill Tithof
Administrative Assistant
Kelly Hutchison

School Hours:
8:20am to 3:12pm
Office Hours:
7:30am to 4:00pm

 Bay City Public Schools

Our Staff


Dr. Bill Tithof - Principal
Kelly Hutchison - Administrative Assistant
Shari Sweebe  - Office Associate

Special Services

Jennifer Gourd - Content Coach
Stacy Gorney - School Nurse
Lori Ruggles - School Service Worker
Rebecca Young - Content Coach

Special Education

Jill Bartholomew 
Amy Delaney
Theresa Scott

ISD Staff/Support

Sarah Zimmerman - Teacher
Melissa Sochacki - Teacher
Fran Dabrowski - Teacher
Annette Magiera - Psychologist

Susan Welter - Speech Therapist
Nicole Biskup - Speech Therapist
Lori Welch - Speech Therapist
Brandy Tilley - OT
Melissa Courier - ISS
Jackie Krause - ISS
Karly Hair - ISS
Jean Stickler - ISS
Jessica Coffee - ISS
Jill Vasquez - Physical Therapist
Sarah Londry - Physical Therapist
Lynelle Frasher - Social Worker
David Coppler - PTA
Sarah Londry - PT
Mark Szejbach -PT

Special Areas

Lori Bukowski - Media
Sara Moore - Music
Seth Kelly - Physical Education
Amy Rankey - STEAM


 - BCPS Teacher
Tracey Maguire - BCPS Associate Teacher
Ashley Gainsforth - BCPS Associate Teacher
- BCPS Teacher


Callie Peter
Lisa Leisentritt
Samantha Schnell

First Grade

Annette Keenan
Gwen Neering
Michelle Dubay

Second Grade

Tiffany DuRussel
Holly Kern
Mari Mullen

Third Grade

Kurt Legner
Cathy Lyons
Sarah Shelton

Fourth Grade

Jane Chase
Jill Haag
Danielle Werner

Fifth Grade

Michelle Kain
Ruth Bragiel
Theresa Kraut

Support Staff

Amy Andrzejewski - Educational Assistant
Cheryl Simmons - Educational Assistant
Donna Graczyk - Educational Assistant
Mike Mendoza - Blilingual Ed. Assistant
Tina Miller - DHS Pathways to Success
Andrew Kaczanowski - Educational Assistant
Brandy Hannah - Case Manager
David Hect - Family Counselor 

Building Support

Matt Hanczewski - Lead Custodian
Matt Gamarra - Custodian
BJ Howard - Custodian

Shannon Nelson - Noon Aid
Annette Bukowski - Noon Aid
Karen Ciszek - Noon Aid
Douglas Lauwers - Noon Aid
Shaylynn Jill - Noon Aid
Mimi Dowker - Noon Aid

Volunteer Coordinators

Joanie Lauwers - Lead Volunteer Coordinator/Noon Aid